Why BareketDesign

Customers say:

“This is some of the most breathtaking jewelry I have seen in years!What a wonderful seller! Amazingprices and awesome customer service! Thanks”-Michelle – Washington DC – USA

“I’m so pleased. It’s an amazing silversmith, beautifully done, love it!!!”Dominique – Paris, France

“Sooooo Beautiful!Very unique style. I am so happy with this purchase. I got already many compliments. Thank you so much!”Ellen – Melbourne, Australia

“I received the earrings last night. They are very beautiful and I showed them to a few of the ladies at work and they were all drooling over the necklace and earrings”Rebecca – New York – USA

“A beautiful necklace, even better than pictures, great quality!”Kate – San Francisco, California

“I’m so glad I found you, your work is amazing! empowering indeed!”Stella – Madrid, Spain

“Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of autosuggestion“NapoleonHill

If you want to feel joy, empower and sexy just as our customers feel, Then Bareket Design’s Jewelry has the power and the ability to play a significant role in your day to day existence; designed to appeal to you and to make you feel that you have the WOW look. From statement high fashion pieces to spiritual symbols, their presence help you extent self-esteem, self-fulfillment, abundance, joy and happiness.

Bareket DesignA Timeless Gifts to yourself or from your Heart!

Bareket Design – When Imagination Meets Quality

“Every single piece is made from my heart and whit my heart and is a reflection of my inner feelings, imagination, creativity, spirituality, and state of mind. My work is inspired by my unconditional love to people. The energy growth that I get from this love and care inspires my art with you in mind.

Fulfilling my motto: wearable designed art, I came with the idea of creating an hypoallergenic, high fashion silver & gold plated line of jewelry which has the WOW statement effect but still it’s affordable to all. This line of jewelry is second to none!” – Rami Bareket

Bareket Design approach combines a powerful trend in human thought that ascribes our happiness and our wealth to the way in which we think and believe. The jewelry has attributes based on the Kabbalah, NLP and Positive Psychology. Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence;it also presents methods to aid understanding of the concepts and thereby attain spiritual realization. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programing), the science of success, presupposition states that You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results, you have all the resources that you need to succeed, if mind and body are one system, and if your state is a response to your internal representation of the world, then you can put yourself in the best state to get results by changing what you do and the way that you think. Positive psychology suggests that positive focusing brings far reaching, positive results that are more effective than those achieved through negative focusing.

“When we wear something, we become aware of some underlying idea. Every time we look in the mirror or at the ring on our finger, that idea comes to the forefront. If an individual wears the pendant “Inner Spark”, they are making for themselves and the world a statement that can bring about wonderful and amazing changes in their feelings. The statement becomes a pattern and the pattern becomes the way of being. When our being is “Each one of us is uniquely gifted and have the tools he needs to share is gift with the world, to light the world with his burning passion and to fulfill his purpose”, our behavior and, as a result, the behavior of the world towards us will be personified by appreciation and love” Rami Bareket

Bareket Design’s Jewelry is made with deep thought especially to strength the inside of you,a means for positive focusing, as the strength of the jewelry lays in the use that you puts it to. Our goal is to let you expresses your individuality and sensuality, to empower you, to give you freedom from troublesome thoughts, to strengthen yourself, to gain powers, to magnet luck, good health and to enhance G-D’s protection.

When you decide to choose a piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift try to choose a piece that signifies something special for you and that strengthens you. A piece of jewelry is not just a thing of beauty, but something that will be with you day and night, week after week and year after year. Try to become one with the jewelry and turn it into a tool that shows you the true power that you have within.